Frequently Asked Questions

 Is the base price the total price (what is included in the base price):

The base price includes the standard features of the home in the subdivision in which the home will be located.  Each development has standard features unique to the development.  When in question ask the agent in charge of the development for clarification.  All spec homes are priced as shown. 

How flexible is the price:

As a volume builder we have very little flexibility in our pricing.  Also lower than full price offers negatively effect our appraised value making it more difficult to get homes financed.  Over the long term small incremental increases are necessary to preserve the customers value in the subdivisions.  While all contracts are welcomed those with full price, terms and conditions are the ones that will be accepted first. 

Can a lot be purchased and built on later:

Lot reservations are accepted only in a development that is in pre-construction.  Once building in a development has started lots purchased must be built on in a reasonable time as set forth by the contract. 

Can a buyer choose colors, brick, counter tops or other features:

Yes.  Mitchell provides versatility in the homes by offering a wide range of features and options to meet the homebuyer's demands.  These options are discussed with each buyer who is building a home by our design team in a scheduled decorating session that is scheduled after the contract is signed.  If the home is under construction, changes may be made depending on what stage the home is completed.   

Are upgrades charged up front or can they be financed:

Upgrades that affect the ability to easily sell the home must be paid for up front.  For example is a customer wants to add tile floors through out the home it must be paid for up front.  If the customer wants a couple of extra phone jacks, then we can finance it into the deal. 

When is it too late to make changes:

That depends on the change.  Generally once the framing package is ordered no further changes can be made.

What do I do after the offer has been accepted:

Once we have an approval our in house loan coordinator does all the necessary
title work, surveys etc and schedules a closing.  The closing date is given to
all parties from the customer to the agent.

What do I have to order:

Nothing.  All we need is the name of the lender and a contact person at the
lenders office.

Where do we close:

At Surety Land Title in Mobile.  We are also happy to mail out a closing package for those buyers who can't make it to Mobile for closing.

What happens at the orientation:

The customer is given an orientation on their new home. They are shown how everything operates and we listen to the customer’s expectations. We also answer and explain about any questions they may have about fit and finish and construction. We tell them how to obtain warranty service and make a list of any outstanding service that needs to be completed to the homeowner’s satisfaction.